The English-speaking side of our practice focuses on food and health law as it is applicable and enforced in France and its overseas territories and in French-speaking and English-speaking African and Carribean countries.

We advise on regulatory matters such as compliance with the regulations on importation, authorisation to put on the market, labelling, hygiene, advertising, nutritional and health claims, packaging as well as product liability and recall.

We advise also on contractual matters, such as distribution, agency and franchising.

We counsel on protection and defense of intellectual property right, and generally the resolution of disputes through amicable negotiation, mediation, arbitration and the monitoring of local lawyers during judicial proceedings.











Whatever the context, we believe in the Asian way of resolving issues by emphasising consensus rather than the “making a point” attitude that often characterises the Western approach.

We look at the issue from the point of view of our client but also of the country concerned.

We recognise the specificity of each country and do not present a foreign solution as intrinsically superior.

News of the firm

September 2018


  1. Philippe GIRARD-FOLEY has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition by the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC) for arbitrating on 2-4 March 2018 in the AIAC-ICC Pre-Moot for the... [+]
September 2016

Bio milk

  1. At the time when milk producers go through especially hard times, the business of "bio" milk is flourishing. Consumer demand exceeds supply, prices are high and everybody is happy. Production... [+]
August 2016

Disposable cups, glasses and plates

  1. A French Decree dated 30th August 2016 has provided a definition of what "disposable" means (intended for one use only) and what "making available" means (it can be for free or for a... [+]